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Looking for the Florida School Leaders (FSL) Website?

Landing here offers you directions on how to access the professional learning resources for Florida Educators posted on the Florida School Leaders website.

In August 2013, the professional learning content on the FLS and Start with Success (SWS) websites were merged into one comprehensive website focused on professional learning resources for Florida educators and aspiring educators. Resources have been updated and expanded.

  • All FSL and SWS resource are now on the redeveloped FSL website.
  • All W.C. Golden resources for leadership development are on the new FSL website.
  • All prior records of FSL users are still available.

All public school educators should have direct access to FSL and CPALMS through your district’s website. Find that link in your work system network and explore FSL. If you do not have such a link from your work location, contact your district PD director or email fldoe-suport@fldoe.org for help

If you do have an SSO user name you may use it to login to the FSL site from any online computer. Choose “Log into Single Sign on” in the box below or use the Single Sign-on link to be found on the FLDOE home page http://www.fldoe.org/.

If you DO NOT have a Florida Single Sign-on (SSO) user name and password through your district or state university system employer you must obtain one to reach the new FSL website.

Choose “Register for Full Access” in the box below to obtain an SSO user name or login in with your SSO user name if you have one. Do this ONLY if you do not have FSL access through your district or employer.

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If you are not entering this website from a State of Florida Single Sign-on source you will need to register to gain access the site content.


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What's On FSL?

Florida educators (administrators – teachers - support staff) and aspiring educators will find professional learning supports related to the following:

  • About Quality Instruction
    • Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)
    • Start With Success – New Teacher Supports
    • Academic Standards
  • About Quality School Leadership
    • W.C. Golden School Leadership Development Program
    • Resources on Florida Principal Leadership Standards (FPLS)
  • About Quality Learning Systems
    • Supports for Teacher and School Leader Evaluation Systems
    • Supports for Professional Development Systems
  • Learning Library of Online Courses
    • Over 100 online courses supporting FEAPs, FPLS and deliberate practice
    • Comprehension check tests
    • Sharing Resources
  • Systemic Improvement
    • Evaluation systems
    • Professional development systems
    • School Improvement systems
    • Aligning Initiatives